Monday, February 4, 2019

HELP NEEDED: Winter Guard 2019 Volunteers

Hello Winter Guard Families,
Welcome to the best scholastic WG program in the world; you have the absolute best staff there is, we are so fortunate to have this talent!  It has been a great joy and labor of love supporting this activity and those of us graduating will miss it dearly.

Supporting this program takes a lot of parent coordination and involvement.  We need help from every family, this program cannot be sustained unless all of these volunteer positions are supported.  Sign up below for one or more positions, we will be happy to train you:

We need a Mulch Madness Coordinator now.  Mulch is our biggest fundraiser, we need to sell like crazy and we need EVERYONE to help deliver on March 30th.  Yours truly (frantically) sold 16 pallets of mulch last year by myself and my dear husband did the lion’s share of the delivery.  The performers really need to be handing out flyers, making sales and WG families helping fill orders on March 30th.

Participation in fundraisers is not optional, our fundraisers come late in the season so some people run out of steam or think their help isn’t needed.  I get some parents who say “I don’t like fundraisers so here is a donation”.  GREAT but guess what?  I have a truckload of 20 pallets of brown mulch that we still need to sell. Mark your calendars now to be available on Saturday March 30th.  We need every performer and their family to help.

New this year each performer will get personalized mulch flyers, distributed this week during practice so we can track responses.  Make sure you are placing flyers in the newspaper slot not the actual mailbox.  There are prizes for top sellers.  Also please note we are selling hardwood (brown) mulch no black.

Get the Mulch Flyer Here: Mulch Maddness Flyer

I’m getting a Moe’s Cureton Spirit Night approved for us on Feb. 13th. Matt has the Car Show April 27th, proceeds benefit WG.  Denise is working on Music Bingo fundraiser.  We need you!